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Why Surrogacy is Something You Should Consider

You Love Being a Mom

Living in Tampa Bay, you’re close to the beach, you enjoy holidays with friends, shopping and you most certainly know the meaning of family. You no doubt enjoy the fact your favorite sports teams are recent winners for the past few years, and you generally love Florida for all of the benefits of a full life you share with loved ones.

Unfortunately for 1 out of 8 couples who struggle with infertility, they are not able to enjoy the life you have. They struggle with multiple failed IVF cycles, endlessly searching for when their journey to become a parent will end up in a child who they care for. They have searched for surrogates in Florida but have not found a great candidate. Multiple trips to the doctor and thousands of dollars later, they find they are unable to carry a baby safely. For many would-be moms, this is a devastating reality.

You Have the Heart and Will to Do it 

A great surrogate first has the heart to help others become mothers, by giving of herself. But our best surrogate mothers are those who have had perfect pregnancy histories with little to no complications. They generally love being pregnant, enjoy being a mom, and even might categorize themselves as “super moms”- working, married, single-mom with a business, or even single-mom with a solid job. If you consider yourself an awesome Mom, chances are Made in the USA Surrogacy is looking for you. 

You Could Use an Extra Income in the Family

For many women in the Tampa bay area, Covid issues still have them left without options and or scrambling to find a job, or maybe a loved one who they depended on is without a job. The great thing about surrogacy, is that no intended parent (parents who will be matched with you) expect you to do the surrogacy journey without being paid, or with making anything less than you would a full-time job. Our surrogate mothers are paid a base compensation of $40,000 (first-time) and bonuses or other compensation could exceed as much as $55,000!

Pregnancy is Easy for You 

Luckily, the practice of surrogacy in Florida is alive and well. For parents such as yourselves that love to be a parent and your pregnancies were “easy”, surrogacy may just be a wonderful way for you to give back. Most of our surrogate mother candidates report that their pregnancies were not difficult, the deliveries went well and they actually enjoy being pregnant. Not many women can say that is them, but this is crucial for surrogates.  

You Consider Yourself a Healthy Woman

It goes without saying that all surrogate mothers should be drug free including from cigarettes, second hand smoke, marijuana and other drugs that are not considered safe for pregnancy. However, if you’re a mom that takes the extra care to work out or watch your diet and you are not over a 30 BMI, you may be a perfect match for a parent who wants a family!

Become a surrogate today with Made in the USA Surrogacy by filling out our inquiry form!

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