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Why You Should Enroll Your Child in Swim Lessons During the Winter

Wet hair + winter weather = the flu! We have all feared Mother’s “words of wisdom” and bundled up for the holidays. Besides the fact that Floridian winters are never snow storms of doom, there really is no reason to not enroll your child in winter swim lessons. In fact, you should do the opposite and sign them up today. Here’s why!

Class sizes are smaller. Not a lot of parents get the memo that swim lessons are actually hosted all year round. Now, your child can improve faster with a better instructor to student ratio.

Practice makes perfect. Imagine on the last day of summer, you learned how to ride a bike. Then BOOM, you’re done and are forced to store the bike away in the garage. With any skill, you have to hone it with lots of consecutive practice. This way, your child is more likely to pass swim tests at the start of next summer.

Pools are cleaner. With less sunny rays, chlorine will no longer evaporate as quickly. Also, the staff usually has more downtime to devote to the water’s upkeep.

It’s something to do. Winter months can cause your child to not want to go outside and play. They may bundle up and look for household activities. During a holiday break, these fun games can grow old. Besides, your child could make friends in his or her lesson.

You’re children will remain healthy. Pools delegated for winter swim lessons are set at the appropriate temperatures. Exercise will actually boost your child’s immune system. The humidity will moisten any dry nasal passages which can be more susceptible to germs if cracked from the nippy air. Regarding the flu, influenza is a virus that does not live within cold air. If your child becomes sick around the same time of exposure to cold temperatures, it’s coincidence.

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