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Friday, December 2, 2022

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Zika Becomes More Prominent in Florida

As of this afternoon, Florida has 29 confirmed cases of Zika virus, the latest found in Seminole County, according to a news report done by ABC Action News. The Florida Health Department found that the cases are travel related.
Counties that have had Zika outbreaks include:
Brevard 1
Broward 4
Hillsborough 3
Lee 3
Miami-Dade 11
Orange 2
Osceola 1
Santa Rosa 1
Seminole 1
St. Johns 1

On February 12, there were 20 cases of the Zika Virus reported in Florida according to WFLA. Three cases were reported in Broward, Hillsborough and Lee counties. But the good news is the CDC has sent 950 kits to test for Zika virus antibodies.

Also the Centers for Disease Control announced that it is investigating 14 new reports of possible sexually transmitted cases of Zika, several of which involve pregnant women.


Governor Scott said in a news release,”While having these tests readily available is great progress, we are still waiting on the CDC to schedule a conference call with Florida hospital workers to ensure they fully understand the symptoms, treatments and proper precautions for Zika. We will continue to do all we can to ensure our state is prepared for the possible spread of the Zika virus.”

So with all the buzz going on about the Zika virus it can be extremely difficult to figure out what’s fact and what’s fiction that’s why we hope to help.

Some questions you might have on your mind might be:

What are ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus?

Remove standing water as they tend to breed in it. Use insect repellent, wear long sleeves, and make sure there are screens on doors and windows. If you are pregnant make sure to get Environmental Protection Agency approved insect repellents as directed. The CDC is urging pregnant women not to travel to Zika-infected areas.

Why have so many cases of the virus in Florida?

Currently there are 20 million residents and 100 million tourists that visit each year making Florida is a prime place for the virus.

Whose the most vulnerable to Zika?

Pregnant women are the most vulnerable because Zika virus can cause birth defects in unborn children. Expectant pass the virus on through the umbilical cord or at the time of delivery. Thankfully none of the Florida cases have been of pregnant women.

Jeanne Sheffield, M.D. and director of Maternal Fetal Medicine at Johns Hopkins gives a reason as to why pregnant women have been affected by the virus? “Being pregnant does not necessarily make you more vulnerable to contracting the virus, but if you are infected with Zika and pass it on to your baby, there is a concerning increase in birth defects,” Sheffield said. “We’ve known about Zika for decades, but it wasn’t until the large Brazilian outbreak in 2015 that the link between the virus and fetal microcephaly, as well as many other abnormalities, was discovered, and we realized the significant impact of Zika.”

Products to repel mosquito’s:

Read more about Zika and mosquito bites:

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If you think you have the Zika virus you can call the Zika hotline that has 600 phone lines with workers ready to answer questions. The contact info is (855)622-6735.

UPDATE on 02/23/16

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